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We have talented developers who can easily transform your bold business idea into exceptional digital products. So, if you are searching for a partner that will give wings to your idea by turning it into reality, you are at the right place.

At Ellocent Labs IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we have a talented pool of developers, designers, testers, and business analysts, who ideate, design, and develop data-driven digital products ready to face business challenges. Besides, we offer a complete suite of services to create a seamless digital masterpiece. So, explore our services and let us be your light on the path of digital product development.

We have developed our two prominent products as per today's business time. Our first product is Ello Covid Tracer, and the Second one is OCR( Optical Character Recognition).

Why Ello COVID Safe?

Quick & Easy

The year 2020 has been the year of COVID-19 and it has certainly turned out to be the worst year we have experienced as a generation. Every activity around the world has been hit immensely including sports, hotel businesses, restaurants, cafes, and several other small and big ventures. To execute all these activities today in a smooth way demands various government protocols like contact tracing, to be followed strictly. To make this possible, Ello COVID has come up with an efficient way of contact tracing that will help all these enterprises blossom again. Ello COVID makes contact tracing quick and easy by saving plenty of time. It takes care of the complete process right from start to finish.

Ensuring safety has become a priority before going out these days. Stepping out either to play your favorite sport or to visit a restaurant or cafe of your choice has become a little different today. Ello COVID is determined to keep it safe and simple for you. Features like paperless and contactless sign-in along with accurate and fast response keep it simple yet effective. It also allows you to use your mobile’s web browser which is the safest way to distance yourself from any other contact.

Safe & Simple

Budget Friendly

COVID is playing tough on us and has made many of us financially unstable. Considering this, the budget-friendly COVID tracing tool at Ello COVID plays a crucial role in providing a cost-effective solution that saves the administration time and does not bother you to think much of the money aspect.

The satisfaction of knowing that you have been fully covered with all your needs is unmatchable. This is exactly what Ello COVID does to bring you the peace of mind. It adheres to all the new government regulations to keep your customer and business member’s safe. The priority here is to keep your club’s/association’s/business’s data secure. All your information is protected using highly advanced technology along with some concrete security measures.

Peace of Mind

Easy Acces

For any service to work efficiently, it is important that it provides hassle-free and easy access to its users. Here at Ello COVID, your club’s/businesses authorized administrator will have access to all the records anytime, anywhere at his fingertips. The entire information is saved in one location and can be shared with the relevant state health authorities if and when needed. This makes it even smooth in keeping the communities connected.

For all the contact tracings done; the tool captures real-time data and provides a precise quick response. Every sign-in form is time-stamped which is a must-have for an accurate contact tracing. Real-time data helps in achieving desired results and also proves valuable in maintaining correct records.

Captures Real-Time Data

Our Product

So How Does It Work?

Step 1Step 2Step 3The very first step simply asks you to scan the QR code of the respective restaurant/ cafe/ hotel and other businesses which then brings you to the sign-up page.In the second step, you need to sign up with all your details that are asked and submit the information via your mobile browser.Once all this is done, the final step automatically redirects you to a thank you page which basically is a feedback page and signals that you are done here and now you are safe and ready to check-in and use the service.

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